How To Socialize FeedBurner Feeds to increase Social Signals?

Today, I am going to post fresh tips on SEO. I will tell you the way to optimize “feedburner” feeds this time. As I repeatedly said that Social Signals are one of the important page ranking factors so ignoring social signals will be a risk.
We should have practice every basic SEO strategies to remain ahead of our competitors.
Like other blogger, I always try to explore something new from internet. Yesterday, I decided to dig something from feedburner. I found a great new option which was disabled back in last years. Now, this option is back into feedburner. The option is “socializing” feedburner.
Socialize is a unique feature of feedburner. It allows us to integrate Twitter account with feedburner. Feeds are connected in real time with web after one minute twitter authentication. Socialize FeedBurner will automatically post updates from your feed to your social media account.
Currently twitter is user as a verified service to publish feed. We can add other social profile also. Other Social connections will not be verified. Simply add facebook, tumblr and stumbleupon profile link. That’s all.

How to Socialize FeedBurner?

Activation of socialization is not hard. It is just one click away. Follow these steps:


  • Login to Google feedburner account from .com
  • You can see a list of your subscribed feeds.
  • Click on one of the feeds title
  • Head to top menu option. Find “Publicize” feed. Click on this option.
  • There is a list of services on left hand side. Find “Socialize” option there and click the same.
  • Now you can see setting area. There is an option to add a “Twitter” account. Fill your credentials and authenticate the account. It will be added here after successful verification.
  • Do not alter other options. Activate and save the setting from bottom.
  • You can add other social media profile from “Manage Connection” option. All other profile will not be verified like twitter.

Done! Congrats! You have done it.

Bonus Tips to Optimize Feed Burner for SEO:

1. Enable Ping Shot option .This is available in the same service list we used earlier.
2. At the bottom of this list, you will find “Noindex” service. Disable indexing feed in search engine by checking both options. You will be safe from duplicate content penalty.
3. From the “Optimize” option, select Title/ Description Burner. Give a perfect SEO title and description to the feeds .Activate and save the setting.
4. You can activate other service from the list like Browser Friendly, Smart Feed and Image FeedBurner

Your Take:

I tried my best to make a better SEO strategy. We should remember that if Google is emphasising on social media, why shouldn’t we? Social media is also important from business point of view. So be socializing and rock the web! I would appreciate your comments.

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