Maxblogpress Ping Optimizer Plugin: Optimize Default Ping Service of Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

Maxblogpress Ping Optimizer Plugin: Optimize Default Ping Service of Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

Ping is a special kind of service which is used to notify the update information of website /blog to various internet servers like pingomatic etc. These ping servers further send the request to various search engines and directories like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Technorati. In this way, your new blog post is indexed in SERPs. Another way to send update information to search engine is xml sitemap. Various plugins are used to generate and submit xml sitemap automatically. Most popular WordPress plugin is “Google Xml Sitemap”. WordPress uses “pingomatic” as their default ping server. If your blog is on self-hosted WordPress blog then probable you may have notified this. You can see this facility in “writing” option under setting area. Actually Ping is used for quick indexing in search engine which optimizes the traffic. But, do you know that excessive pinging is considered as spam. Many bloggers are pinging excessively knowingly or unknowingly. How?
Let’s understand:

WordPress Default Ping:


When you post a new topic on your blog, wordpress pings to its default server. That is fine if it is first time. But when you edit the existing post, it also pings. If you update your post 10 times then it will ping 10 times. This is very dangerous! Your blog will be banned forever from this service and it may cost traffic. The developer of “Ping optimizer Plugin” attracts the attention towards scheduling future post. Hey says that wordpress sends the ping 30 before it is published. The trend continues even after post is published. This may cause serious problem. You should optimize ping behaviour as soon as possible.


Use of XMl Sitemap and its update frequency:

Google accept standard xml sitemap format. We may define the frequency of update service. We use various plugins for this purpose. One of the popular plugin is “Google Xml Sitemap” .When we install and active this, it automatically generate sitemap with default configured frequency. We should not change the default setting. Because we are already victim of excessive pining (in first case) .If you alter the setting and set frequency to 1 for every post, page and categories, you may get penalty from Google .So always be careful in case of auto plugin.

Use of Third party Services for Sitemap submission and Ping Service:

We know that we are already using wordpress default ping service and plugin in case of xml sitemap. Many blogger do not keep above facts in mind and they use different third-party service many time. I have seen many blogger who suggest who suggest pinging by using various online sites. This is wrong habit. Do not use both service excessively. Only use one facility at a time. If you want to use third-party software, you should first optimize current services.

How to Optimize WordPress Default Ping:

We can optimize the service using plugin which is called “Maxblogpress Ping Optimizer Plugin” .This is best plugin available at present time. You can download this plugin directly from developer site. He also explained widely on this topic.

How to optimize sitemap submission:

Do not use multiple plugin to generate and submit xml sitemap. Only use one plugin at a time. You should set the update frequency carefully.

Final words:

This was my best effort to bring this fact to you. You can drop comment if you have any doubt or query.

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