25 Dining Taboos From All Over The World That You Should Remember

25 Dining Taboos From All Over The World That You Should Remember

From asking for extra cheese in Italy to leaving food on your plate in France here are 25 dining taboos from all over the world that you should remember.

25. In China don’t point your chopsticks at people


24 . In Korea don’t start eating until the oldest person at the table starts


23. In Chile don’t eat anything with your hands…ever…not even pizza


22. In Italy don’t ask for extra cheese. If you do you may insult the chef’s cooking skills


21. In Tanzania make sure you show up for dinner 20 minutes late. If you come early you’ll insult the host


20. In Russia empty bottles of vodka should always be placed on the ground. Putting it back on the table is seen as bad luck


19. In Japan you should never pass food with chopsticks. They are used to pass bones at cremation funerals and using them to pass is considered disrespectful


18. In the UK you should always tilt a bowl of soup away from you. You should spoon the soup away from you as well.


17. In Russia never lick food off your knife. It is considered extremely rude


16. In China you should never cut your noodles. Long noodles symbolize long life and cutting your noodles symbolizes, well…short life


15. In Indonesia you should keep both hands on the table at all times


14. In Italy always politely decline the first offering of food. Upon the inevitable second offering, always accept.


13. In Jamaica people believe that if children eat chicken before they can speak they will never talk. So don’t feed chicken to babies.


12. In Nigeria people believe that children who eat eggs will turn into thieves. So, just like in Jamaica, be careful what you offer to children.


11. In France do not rush through your meal. It is considered rude.


10. In Japan never leave chopsticks vertically in your food. This is typically done as an offering to the dead by families at home but in a restaurant it is seen as cursing the owner.


9. In Afghanistan and throughout the Muslim world, eat your food with your right hand, not your left. The left hand is reserved for bathroom hygiene so using it for eating is considered unclean.


8. In France do not leave food on your plate or ask for a box. This implies that you did not enjoy the meal.


7. In Germany the only acceptable food to be eaten with fingers is bread


6. In Kazakstan you will be served tea, but only half of a cup. Don’t ask for more because a full cup means that the host wants you to leave


5. In Azerbaijan do not spill the salt because it means you are about to quarrel. Sugar is usually sprinkled on the salt to counter this.


4. In Egypt don’t even pick up the salt shaker. It will insult the chef


3. In France you should never split a bill. Either pay the whole thing or pay nothing. Anything else is considered unsophisticated.


2. In Estonia make sure you kiss any bread that falls on the ground before throwing it away.


1. In South Korea when you drink something, turn your head and look away


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