Top 10 Features of Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung is a multinational company located in South korea, Seoul headquartered in Samsung town. Earlier Samsung was only known for electronic home appliance and micro chips devices. But after entering in mobile sector it has become more popular. In first quarter of 2012 Samsung became world largest mobile manufacture by sales unit and overtaken Nokia who was market leader in mobile sector since 1998. Samsung has launched a series of mobile phone running on android platform and all are having great features. But Samsung galaxy note 2 is phone or you can say phablet having amazing and outstanding features.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a smart phone launched on August 2012 and hit the market around October 2012. It is the hottest selling device in recent times. Samsung had sold 3 million galaxy note 2 handset in 37 day and within the two months of its released it crossed 5 millions. Galaxy note 2 is an amazing phone which feels proud to hold in your hand.  Apple iphone and many others mobile manufacturer are toughest competitor of Samsung Galaxy phone. This phone is best choice for people who prefer large screen but don’t want to go for tablet. We are listing here top 10 features of Samsung Galaxy note 2.

10. Build and design

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a very slim and sleek with a glossy finishing, which is available in two colors, titanium grey and marble white. Dimension of Samsung galaxy note 2 is about 5.9 x 3.2 x 0.37 inches and weighing 183gm. Even the phone is large in size but curve edges with sleek design feels catchy and phone does not look like rectangle slab box. The phone has all its keys on the sides, which makes them easily accessible. The physical keys are volume rocker and power key are physically present in phone. These physical keys are placed on the center of the side and that makes them easier to access. Connectivity point has placed on the bottom of the device this also makes the device easy to use while charging.

9. Performance and Configuration

Samsung Galaxy note 2 runs on Android OS, v4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) and has been planned upgradeable to 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean).Android Jelly Bean OS is having  more features compare to older Android version due to this performance of the phone is excellent. Note 2 runs on Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9 high speed processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. Connectivity is through Wifi(b/g/n), Bluetooth  4.0and 3G.This high configuration increases the performance and scrolling, swiping, touching runs like butter smooth. With this high configuration you can do multitasking without any lagging of application.

8. Battery life

Battery backup is very important thing which should not be taken into consideration. Galaxy note 2 is a big phone with high brand screen will require big battery for long running. Lithium ion battery is used with capacity of 3100 mAh which result long running and good backup. Battery is lasted for 14 hours on heavy usage without using any power saver apps and still 25 percent battery remains. On normal usage it may run for couple of days without charging. Talking hours is about 35 hours and it gives approximately 900 hours in standby mode.

7. Large screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has amazing screen and display is crystal clear. Screen size is about 5.5 inch and having Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen. AMOLED display has many advantages over normal LCD screen. They are brighter, thinner, having best viewing angle and consumes very less power. Screen resolution is about 7 20 x 1280 pixels which is best for reading e-books and surfing internet. All high end HD videos can be played smoothly in this phone.

6. Camera effects

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has 8-Megapixel camera with Auto Focus and LED flash and front facing camera has 1.9-megapixel sensor. Front facing camera has outstanding features known as smart stay. The Galaxy Note 2 can use its front facing camera to see if your eyes are still looking at the screen. If you are looking at screen, it will keep the screen active and will abort normal time out

5. S Pen Effects

S Pen or Stylus is excellent feature added by Samsung in galaxy note 2. The S Pen works like a finger, you can easily do swiping, and tapping, etc are fun with S pen. Even you can make gestures; write on home screen, use for signature and many more. S pen is having air view features that without touching the screen you can navigate, pen is detected while floating it above the screen.  Even with S pen you can draw any symbol and take screenshot by holding down the nib on the screen. You can crop image from standby screen over internet and can be shared on social network.

4. Multitasking

Galaxy note 2 is having good hardware specification with latest OS platform. So you can perform multiple tasks without affecting or lagging any other applications. There are many pop-up and pop-out features that are place on top of the apps and you can work around on that pop-up while doing other job on different screen. On single screen you can open S-Note in one small window simultaneously you can open Video player in other window on same screen. Using of multiple application require more hardware resource which increases processor and ram utilization which may results in eating more battery.

3. Applications

Samsung Galaxy note 2 has many inbuilt application which is sufficient for normal operation. It have S voice features that is tapping home button twice opens new window and configuration can be done for Bluetooth or Wifi ON or OFF over your voice. It also has one good application known as floating Video player in which you can place video player on right corner of screen  that will take video  player into a movable screens, so you can do the  browsing without pausing running video. There is also a motion control system which sense gesture movements of device while take images through camera.It will understand as tilt device for zooming camera, pan your device to move on home screen.

2. Text input

Hand writing is excellent features present in Galaxy note 2. You can enable handwriting by tapping the button to the left of the space bar on keyboard. Note2 well understand printed and cursive handwriting. You need to configure S pen setting before doing any task and need to update that whether you are left handed or right handed. Even you can operate keypad using one hand by enabling one handed operation on keyboard setting and able to type with your thumb.

1. Settings & Home ScreenWidgets

Settings and widgets are customizable in galaxy note 2. You can create shortcuts of any application which is used frequently. It has blocking mode feature where you can block calls, alarm, and notification. You can bypass people from your blocking rule by adding their name in allowed contact list. You can adjust the color of display to Natural, Standard, and Dynamic. On of the great feature in setting is smart rotation and smart stay. Smart rotation monitors your face and rotates the screen when it sense that your face is too tilted, this avoid unexpected screen rotation. Smart stay uses front face camera and monitors your eyes, if you are continuously look on to the screen, it will keep screen active even bypass the display time out. Galaxy note 2 is having home screen mode which is having multiple home screen dash board where you can make shortcut of setting menu component or apps and also place widget components.

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