Top 10 Places to find your Soul Mate

Top 10 Places to find your Soul Mate

Imagine yourself standing in a beautiful and fragrant garden wearing a beautiful gown dressed up to look nothing less than perfect from head to toe. Then from a distance on a white horse comes a tall, dark and handsome man towards you, picks you up and off you go to a fairy land. Is that how you have imagined your first meeting with your soul mate? Well different people think differently about how their soul mate should be like, some define soul mate to be their romantic companion while some have given this word a whole new meaning. Every one today apart from money is in search of true life partner, a companion with whom you can share your good and bad times. Go ahead and read the top ten most possible places to find your soul mate! Hope you find one soon!


10. Coffee Shop:

A very common and clichéd line “Would you like to join me for a cup of Coffee?”

Coffee cafes have been common place for people to meet and interact. Give it to the atmosphere, coziness of the place or aromatic smell of the brewing coffee, many people have found their dream – lover over a simple cup of coffee. It is very interesting how tow individuals find similarities in their diverse background once they get attracted to one another. Many just strike over a conversation, many meet up to play games; others come over to while off their time. Coffee shops have been lover’s paradise for long.

9. Work Place:

What other better way to find your life partner than your work place. Such a person will have an idea about your work timings, likes & dis likes, your strengths and weakness and will always be close to you. It really becomes easy to share a compatibility level with someone who is always around you every time. In today’s modern life style people prefer having romantic partners from their own profession and not elsewhere to avoid frictions. Definitely, with decreasing patience levels this option suits best to find a partner!

8. Book Store:

In olden days libraries were the best romantic spots, maybe they hold good even today. Crosswords, Books & Books and many other stores not only sell books but create an ambiance to allow you to mingle with populaces who share philosophies like you.  Many psychologists believe that soul mate should be someone who is at par with you with matching thinking levels. Numerous people say books can be your great companion, we can modify it further as books are your best friends and who knows you may find a best friend reading your best book!

7. Travelling in a Train:

Long distances, lush green fields, changing scenes outside your window every minute, cool breeze blowing over your face, train rides have always been a pleasure! The person who accompanies you all through this long journey, entertains you, makes you feel happy is surely a good candidate to become your soul mate as well. It all may start with a small tit-bit conversation like where are you from and where are going but eventually if well executed may turn out to be a great friendship and nice relation.

6. Neighborhood:

This is a common site within many Indian cities, girls standing on their terrace and boys keep making rounds around their homes, exchanging smiles and different gestures. What better way to find your soul mate than in your neighborhood! You grow up together, know each other well and share almost similar background.  In fact many Asian tribes believed marrying off their daughters to someone staying in their vicinity as this would protect their community from getting mixed up with other races. Many Bollywood romantic stories are also based on neighborhood love stories.

5. Music Café & Discos:

Next on the list is a music café: Sound, lights and hard music are a great combination to let your hair down. Discos and music cafés have always been a mass attractor as these places become great stress reliever as well. Music is believed to be the way of life. It contains emotions & feeling sufficient enough to find you correct soul mates. Many Bollywood actors find this a novel idea to spend time with someone who share the same mind set as they do. Even animals use music to attract their opposite sex. Music can be an effective method of communication without words, just simple expression and emotions.

4. Parks:

Next to top the list are the parks. Calm ambiance, lush green gardens, chirping birds and a soul mate who may be jogging somewhere or enjoying a pick nick with his/her family. Yes, who knows you may go to a park to relax and might find someone to share your life. As many people say to have a good life partner multiplies your happiness and decreases your sorrows, well park maybe just a good option. In olden movies this tread was truly common showing a group of girls and boys going out on a pick-nick to some park and ending up leaving the same place as couples. Parks can be a nice place to find that right person.

3. Wedding Functions:

This is a real common thing in Indian marriages where every event happens on a really large scale. People meet, have fun together and maybe while you congratulate someone on their life’s most beautiful moment you may as well end up meeting your beautiful partner. Community considerations, background checks and verifications and judging characters all this can be done in a marriage function. You have ample time to talk to someone you like or find interesting and maybe end up marrying him/her right away. One marriage may result in other one another into another and the story goes on!

2. Temples:

Well which other better place to find your better half than a Temple! The best part being that you have god’s blessings as well. It has been a belief that you can find your true life partner in a temple only. In fact in many religions during an arrange marriage custom the groom and bride are first taken to a temple to see each other and meet their itself for the first time and then move towards the marriage hall. Temples or for that matter any religious gathering or festival becomes a great area to find your life mate.

1. Internet Sites:

The new technology has changed our lives in many ways. One such example is the social networking site. People who were shy, lacked communication skills, looks or personality also managed to find their respective soul mates ONLINE! Regions, boundaries, languages were no limit, people all over the globe logged inn connected and communicated! Well internet sites had the power and charm to attract anyone and everyone towards them like magnet. For a very cheap amount you could chat with your interested person for hours together. And then came the era of voice and video chatting which made things even more simple and easy.  Internet has become a great soul companion finding abode!

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