Top 10 Popular SEO Websites

Top 10 Popular SEO Websites

Thinking of starting up a new blog? Or may be a new website? What you need right now is to learn the tricks of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and plays a key role in inviting traffic to your site and first and foremost making sure that your site is easily found by any search engine.

In case you are yet a novice, we give you top 10 SEO websites which will help you set foot in the internet world. The rankings are based upon the traffic generated by each site. Take a look at the top 10 SEO websites.


1. SEObook

It is one of the most sought after website for SEO. The site has an average 1,400,000 visitors each month. It teaches secret methods for optimizing websites for search engines.

2. SEOmoz

Another great site for SEO guide and tools. In order to generate more traffic for their websites, it provides its users with SEO software. It also has world’s largest SEO community where its users can solve their website search engine ranking problems. It has around 700,000 monthly visitors.

3. Searchengineland

It is a site that teaches you the nitty-gritty of working of search engines and quality articles on search engine optimization tricks. You can easily learn to optimize pages on this site. It gets a monthly traffic of around 650,000.

4. Searchenginewatch

This site is mainly known for bringing latest updates and news about SEO. It is a popular reference for SEO which provides information about search engine marketing, paid search engine marketing and search engine optimization. It invites a monthly traffic of around 645,000.

5. SearchengineJournal

The site hosts information about search engine marketing, algorithms, blogs and web related articles. It invites a monthly traffic of 550,000.

6. SEOchat

It is a well known name in the world of SEO websites. Its mainly popular for its forums where you can inquire or share any kind of information related to search engine optimization. It teaches optimization mainly according to Google searches. It invites a monthly traffic of 500,000.

7. Mattcutts

This site again works according to Google searches and hence optimizes your website according to Google search results. It invites a monthly traffic of 440,000.

8. BlackhatTeam

This is the biggest black hat SEO on internet where you can discuss all things related to black hat search engine optimization. It invites a monthly traffic of 410,000.

9. SERoundTable

Another great site for discussing tricks of search engine optimization. This site too works according to Google search format and invites a monthly traffic of 400,000.

10. SubmitExpress

This is a great site for offering SEO, marketing services and placements. The site gets a monthly traffic of 390,000.
However, these websites do come in handy and are in fact must but you must keep a few things in mind such as focusing upon certain keywords, and making sure each webpage has unique title and unique content. Also you must make your text more informative and user friendly and you are sure to land with great traffic.

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