Top 10 Weirdest Guinness World Records

Top 10 Weirdest Guinness World Records

I remember, being a child and waiting for the Sunday show on the Guinness Book of World Records and it was one show which most of us have seen and never forgotten. Stranger things happen in the world and some are really amazing to know or to watch, and there are people who do all sorts of weird things. This legend book was started in the year 1954 August by the twin brothers Norris and Ross McWhirter based on the commission by Christopher Chataway. Did you know that this book is the most stolen book from the public libraries in US. There are a lot many records which can be unbelievable and might be impossible to even think of doing such things. The Guinness records is a proof that every individual is gifted in a special way and takes up to us that we recognize our strengths. There are unbeatable facts about human, nature, animals etc. Some of them are as weird as it can be and makes it more interesting as well. A few of such weird Guinness World Records are,


10. Most Women into a Mini Cooper


Dare the next time anyone say that women do not fit in anywhere. These women did the most impossible as possible. In a car we normally have five to six people seat. But can you imagine 28 women fitting inside a car. As weird as un believable isn’t it. But yes, this team of gym women from East Sussex proved themselves to be the most fit and made a record of getting inside a Mini Cooper. The previous record was 27 and this group broke the record with 28 women inside the mini. That’s really an amazing, and guess next time when we say there is no enough space in the car for an extra person we got to think twice and remember this group of ladies who made it possible.

9. Weight Lifting With Eye Sockets


Science and nature did teach us that we have two eyes to see, but our man here Manjit Singh from England did something unbelievable by lifting weight from his eye sockets. As I said stranger things happen and this is one of them. Looking at him gives pain in my eyes, how could he do such a thing is a question we all ask ourselves. In the year 2011 Manjith Singh from UK lifted 14Kg weight with his eye sockets in Punjab on 7th of July and set a record. He attached a hook to his right eye socket with a rope attached to the 14 Kg weight which was made up of weight plate and metal collars. Not only weight lifting he has also many other such records to his credit such as pulling a bus with hair. I imagine which shampoo does he uses for his hair which stays as strong to pull a bus.

8. Stretchiest Skin


Heard of wearing stretchable jeans which is very comfortable to wear and makes you feel at ease. But how much bizarre it is to stretch your skin. The Guinness record holder Gary Turner from Great Britain can stretch his skin on stomach to a length of 15.8 centimeters. Though is was fascinating to look, it is a skin disorder known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in which the collagen that strengthens the skin with its elasticity becomes defective in result of a loose skin. It can cause the rupture of blood vessels. Even though Gary Turner won the record.

7. Eyeball Pop


Do not be scared, its just like the play we played when we all were children trying to twist our eyes and show only the eyeball and skin. But this woman Kim Goodman is a wonder who can push her eyeball to a protrusion of 11 millimeters beyond her eye sockets. This record was set in the year June 13, 1998 in Los Angeles. Guinness world records is full of people who do the impossible and only few can do the things they do and only person who can do it is the one who holds the record. Hence I recommend do not try any of these things even for fun unless you mean it for some reason or practice.

6. Most Pierced Man


Its clear that piercing for rings is not a fashion and trend to women alone but to men as well. Piercing once or twice is itself so painful, can you imagine piercing all over your face. Though there are a lot of technology in today’s world to make the piercing without any much pain, but maintaining more rings and dots on your skin hanging can be painful as well. The world’s most pierced man Rolf Buchholz has bagged an entry to the 2012 Guinness World of Records.

5. Longest Mustache


As much as it is irritating to some to have a mustache, it is a matter of pride to some. How long can one grow a mustache without it being a disturbance. Indian Ram Singh Chauhan has the most longest mustache as long as 14 feet. Isn’t it amazing that he do not have a need of rope for anything probably. The man holds the two ends and shows it his spectators is a most weird thing indeed.

4. Longest Nose


Children are told that when you lie your nose goes longer and longer and fine day their nose would start looking ugly, hence they should not lie. But what can be the reason for this man with the most longest nose. According to science our nose do not grow by age instead they droop. When the collagen and elastin in our skin looses its strength it can cause the tip of our nose to droop. But Mehmet Ozureku from Turkey set a record of having a nose as long as 8.8 cm from the forehead to the tip of the nose.

3. Longest Duration Living with Scorpions


Please listen carefully, its not living with a person who you might not like instead its living with scorpions who is known for stings. The scorpions carry a venomous stinger which can be a cause of a person’s death. Although there are 1000+ species only 25-30 species are the most dangerous, remaining can cause serious pain along with redness. Though one sting can cause you enormous pain, imagine stings continuously. Indeed its a bravery and one woman did this bravery by staying with these scorpions in a room for a number of days. Its unbelievable but Kanchana Ketkaew from Thailand did set a record by living in a glass room measuring 12 meter square containing 5,320 scorpions for 33 days and nights at the Royal Garden Plaza, Pattaya, in Thailand. What is more interesting was over those 33 days she was stung thirteen times. Those many scorpions around her, guess the scorpions felt sorry for her and let her live and her brave act was rewarded with entry into the Guinness world of Records.

2. Fastest time to enter a suitcase


How convenient it would be if we can pack our naughty kids into a suitcase when we travel somewhere, but that’s an impossible thing. We use a suitcase to carry our clothes when we travel from one place to another. How much ever organized we might be, it usually takes hours for us to pack our suitcases. Lest how much time it can take to pack a person into a suitcase just to know the time it might take. It matters on the size as well. Even though it is a fitting size, it can take a long time, to fold yourself into the suitcase and close it. But this amazing woman Leslie Tipton set a record by entering into a zipped suitcase just in 5.43 seconds. Yes it was only a few seconds in a live show on television.

1. Eating watches

We eat food for energy, nutrition, hunger, and also for taste. But there is this weird thing when anyone starts eating a thing. Do that ever happen?. Oh yes, Kim Seung Do from Seoul, South Korea ate five watches in one hour, thirty four minutes in 1998. What a weird thing to eat and how could he swallow. I just wonder did his stomach made a ticking sound every time his heart was beating. But still he did set a record.

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