Top 10 Women Fantasies

Top 10 Women Fantasies

Sometimes you may be wondering what she thinks of when she is around you or what is it that she is day-dreaming of.  All you got to do is understand how she thinks. You may use this knowledge for good purposes like making her happy. It will give a positive turn to your relationship. However, it is quite difficult to put together all what a woman fantasizes of. But here are some of the facts that could help to solve the mystery.


10.  Supernatural Powers:

Every girl has once fantasized about having some supernatural power and do the stuff that they can’t do normally. One of them is to fly. Her mind wants to see the beauty of nature. She wants to fly and know what it feels like to be in the open air, no boundaries. Another one she imagined of is to get invisible. She wants to see what people do when you are not noticed. Such crazy thoughts may actually. Women often fantasize about reading others mind and know what is going on in their thoughts. This mere thought makes her feel powerful and confident.

9. Stranger in bed:

Women hates to be touched by a stranger but somewhere in her head she wishes to have a one night stand with a complete stranger. For her it is pleasure without having the worries of how the one in the bed might think of her. Women may love to talk in bed about many topics that include her fantasies, about other women or it could be the dirty talks. But worry too much about being judged by the man or about her performance in the bed. This only thought of meeting a stranger and having a great sex itself takes away her inhibitions when she can do anything and everything with no future commitment.

8. She’s the man:

One of a very common thing that women fantasize about is ‘Role Reversal’. Women often wonder what it would be like to be a man. They have, at some moment, secretly wished to be a man. She wants to see the world from a man’s eyes. She wants to do whatever a man can. Whenever she finds herself unable of doing something because she is a woman, she fantasizes herself as a man. It could be his physical strength or his carefree nature or anything including the intercourse, she has fantasized about being a man at least once.

7. Dream Home:

This is something every woman has desired and fantasized of. It is said that ‘Home is where Heart is!’ But in this case, there is a dream home in every woman’s heart. Some of them fantasize about a luxurious royal bungalow while on the other side some chocolate lovers may have fantasized about a chocolate house also. Some women may fantasize about a country side house that can be small or large, while some may fantasize themselves sun-bathing in their beach house. Whatever their choices are, they imagine a happy and settled life in their dream home.

6. Slave Partner:

Now this one is hard to believe but the fact is no matter how much your girl may love you, they have always dreamt of a slave partner. It is a common desire among the dominant women. They often fantasize their partners serving them. Who doesn’t want to be the queen and order people? And in this they don’t leave their partners out of it. Your lady may be fantasizing about you doing everything she wants, even if it is a bad idea, to have you knelt down on her feet and tell you that she is the mistress and you have to follow her orders. She may have the thoughts, while sitting with you, ordering you to clean the floor, then to sweep her off her feet and afterwards make love to her!

5. Dream Date:

This one may seem to be applicant for young girls only, but trust me it applies for every woman out there. Women fantasize of a dream date that could be with her partner only but when the place and the surprises are what she has always desired of, or it may be with some hot guy she always wanted to have sex with or some crush of her. It could be her favorite actor also. In this fantasy, everything is just perfect for her; the partner, the spot, the time, the gifts and the surprises. Every woman has a fantasy of a perfect date.

4. Shop like a billionaire:

This is something very easy to believe. A woman without shopping is incomplete. Woman can buy anywhere and anytime and can get 10 more things even if she needs none. This is a common fantasy of like 90% women. They fantasize themselves shopping and buying whatever they want to without having to think of their budget and what they actually need. They may find themselves purchasing things like clothes, shoes, jewels, cars and what not. Women fantasize of a lucky day when they can shop like crazy and they need not to pay the bills. You can witness this if you leave them in the mall and say ‘Baby, I am paying today’

3. Center of Attention:

Women love to be the center of attraction. To be loved, liked and admired by all is a common fantasy or you may say ‘desire’ of every woman. They often consider it an insult when the people around her talks about or admire other woman. They often fantasize about being the prettiest, the most beautiful, most admired, the most special one and possibly everything. Some of them even fantasize of eating everything they desire but never get fat, even without workouts .They often have an image in their mind where everyone is admiring them; every guy wants to be with them, in short where they are superior to all. They fantasize of a day when they are the ‘Queen’.

2. Go round the earth:

Women often fantasize of flying around the world and visit every destination that is in her wish-list. You should not be surprised when you find you lady trying to Google every possible country for hours. It’s her fantasy in which she visits the places in her mind only. She finds herself in one of those 187 countries and colored in that place’s culture. She wants to see all the wonderful places that exists, the people there, the food, the history. She thinks ‘travel the world now or she won’t ever be able to’. It could be an adventurous or a romantic trip for her.

1. The Fairy Tale:

This is the fantasy of every single woman existing on earth. Every woman wants her life more or less like a fairy tale; with a happy ending always. It could be from the perspective of the relationships where they fantasize of a perfect relationship; where both of them are happy and her partner is no less than perfect. Or it could be anything she ever wanted. In hard times, she fantasizes of a magic wand which will make everything better. When young, she fantasizes of her prince charming, coming to her on the white horse and then happily ever after. No kidding, but they still fantasize about the magic moments. She wants her life to be worth living. A perfect ‘Fairy-Tale like’ life is a ‘dream come true’ for every woman, a fantasy.

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