Top 3 construction machines in the world

Top 3 construction machines in the world

Today many different types and models of construction equipment and construction machines can be found on every construction site. Depending on the construction project, different heavy machines are included in the work. These machines are used by skilled and experienced workers in order to complete the construction job in a easy, safe and quick manner.


It is a common fact that the construction machines are generally classified into several categories like earth moving machines and equipment, construction machines and vehicles, material handling equipment and machines, and construction equipments. The top 3 commonly used types of heavy machines at every construction site in Australia are the cranes, backhoes and skid steer loaders. The following article will highlight the benefits provided by these construction beasts.


These construction machines are widely used at the construction sites across Australia. In various construction projects where lifting of heavy materials and objects is required, the use and the need of cranes is highly recommended. This machine generally is equipped with hoist, wire ropes and sheaves, and it used mainly for lifting and lowering different types of materials and to move them horizontally all over the construction site. Mechanical advantage for lifting and lowering heavy objects is created by using one or more simple combustion engines or electric motors. The cranes are common machines in many industry sectors such as : in the transport industry for lifting and moving heavy frights, in the construction industry for moving different kinds of heavy materials, in the manufacturing industry when complex and heavy equipment needs to be assembled. They are most commonly used in the construction sector because they can reach up to 100 meters in height. Depending on the application and construction job, many crane types are available like : overhead crane, mobile crane, truck mounted crane, side lift crane, rough terrain crane, pick and carry crane, carry deck crane, telescopic crane, crawler crane, railroad crane, floating crane, aerial crane, tower cranes and many more. Check online for available cranes for sale Australia has to offer.

Backhoe Loader

The backhoe loaders are very useful construction machines, providing benefits and advantages for construction workers, farmers and other types of contractors.
Generally a backhoe loader, or shortly known as a backhoe, is a heavy machine that is equipped with a metal bucket on the front and a backhoe in the rear end. They are very compact heavy machines and can consolidate various tools and attachments which can be used for completing different kinds of construction tasks and jobs. Many people think that the backhoe can only be used for digging holes in the ground, but in fact the backhoe loader can be used for many other jobs at the construction site. When auger is attached, the backhoe can be used for drilling holes for placing signs, trees and for fencing projects. A ditch cleaning bucket can be used for grading and slope cutting. An asphalt cutter can be attached when roads need to repaired. Thanks to their small and compact size and versatility, the backhoe loaders are heavily used in urban engineering projects. Many well known manufacturers like: JCB, Caterpillar, John Deere, New Holland AG and many others, offer high quality and durable backhoe loaders. There are some backhoes for sale Australia has some for you.

Skid Steer Loader

The skid steer loader, or shortly a skidsteer, is a small, engine powered construction machine equipped with two lift arms that can be used for completing a variety of jobs and tasks. The skid steer loaders are mainly wheeled machines but sometimes track equipped skid loaders can be found on the construction site. The wheels of the skid steer are mechanically synchronized on each side, meaning that the right sided pair of wheels can move independently from the left sided wheels. By moving the left and the right wheel pairs in different speeds, the skid steer loader moves by “skidding”. These machines are capable of performing a zero radius or pirouette turning, and this capability makes them to be very maneuverable on different terrains. Generally the skid loader comes with a metal bucket in the front. But this metal bucket can be replaced with many other types of attachments such as : small backhoe, pallet forks, hydraulic breaker, mower, snow blower, auger, sweeper, trencher, ripper, grapple, roller and many other types of useful attachments. The small and compact size makes the skid steer loader to be widely used in small and narrow places, where large machines cannot be used. Check online for available skid steer loaders for sale in Australia.

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