10 Most sold cell phones in the world

10 Most sold cell phones in the world

Cell phones have changed the facet of communication. It has to an extend erased the communication gap due to physical distances to an extend. Yes to an extend because no matter you can communicate over the web, cell phones or even telepath, a physical/in-person communication wins over all forms. Nothing can beat the human touch.

So here a list of 10 most sold cell phones in the world


10. Nokia 3310

Units Sold- 126 million, Year of Launch- 2000

Developed by the Copenhagen Nokia site (Denmark), it was designed to replace Nokia 3210. It was widely acclaimed by the critics as well as the users. It also features an MBus and FBus and wighed 133g.

9.  Motorola RAZR V3

Units Sold- 130 million, Year of Launch- 2004

The only entry in the list by a non Nokia Brand is Motorola. The phone was built as a part of 4LTR line. V3 was main and first phone of the series. It was an exclusive fashion phone because of its sleek design crafted to perfection.


8.  Nokia 1600

Units Sold- 130 million, Year of Launch- 2006

It was another model in Nokia’s Ultra basic Series. It was specifically designed for the customers of developing countries. It has the new feature of speaking clock. The candy bar phone weighed 85g.

7.  Nokia 2600

Units sold- 135 million, Year of Launch- 2004

This 2G enabled cell phone was a colored version of their low end counterparts. It had 128 x 128 1.5 inch screen. It was marginally more in weight with 94 g as compared to Nokia 1600 but it left its mark before Nokia put an halt on its production.

6.  Nokia 6600

Units Sold- 150 million, Year of Launch- 2003

It was high end model of 6xxx Classic Business Series. It was the most advanced cell phone of the time when it was launched. It runs on Symbian OS based Nokia Series 60 platform. It came with music and video player along with Bluetooth.

5.  Nokia 5230

Units Sold- 150 Million, Year of Launch- 2009

This cell phone set the landmarks in high end touch cell phones with TFT resistive touchscreen with 128 MB RAM. It came in both 2G and 3G network. Despite of its cost, it was most popular cell phone in its range and it is still in production

4.  Nokia 1200

Units Sold- 150 Million, Year of Launch- 2007

The Finnish company came out with few changes in their basic low end model with Nokia 1200. It was lighter than 1110 version, weighing 77 g. Its production has also been discontinued

3.  Nokia 3210

Units Sold- 160 million, Year of Launch- 1999

It was one of the most popular cell phones in the history of cell phones and one of the oldest as well. It was designed by Alastair Curtis in Nokia’s Los Angeles Design Center.

2.  Nokia 1110

Units sold- 240 Million, Year of Launch- 2005

It is a low end GSM cell phone and come in variants of 1110 & 1110i. They are aimed at first time cell phone users. It is very similar to Nokia 1100 but weighs less than 1100 with more features.

1.  Nokia 1100

Units sold- 250 Million, Year of launch- 2003


It is a basic GSM mobile phone produced by Nokia and the world’s largest selling cell phone and consumer electronic device. Its close variants include 1101 & 1108. It was designed in Nokia Design Center in California by Bulgarian designer Dimitre Mehandjiysky. Nokia’s billionth phone sold in Nigeria was Nokia 1100 only. Its production has been discontinued.

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