Top 10 Tattoos You Should Never Get

There are millions of mistakes we have made in our past. From driving without a license to trying stunts from your favorite movie that clearly said “Do not try this at home!” to binge drinking. We look back at these mistakes and laugh at them or even regret a few. These serve as memories from the past that remind us of our juvenile behaviour. Apart from these, some of us make mistakes that cannot be undone by getting themselves inked without having a clear idea of its consequences. Getting a tattoo is a big decision, not only because its permanent but also because it is painful and expensive. You do not want to spend thousands of dollars to cry over your immature decisions. It would be wrong to say that all tattoos turn out bad but the ones that do become a lifelong reminder of that person’s idiocy. Here are the 10 most commonly made tattoo disasters that many people make that you should be aware of.


Yes, I love Jesus. You love Jesus. WE ALL LOVE JESUS. But getting Jesus inked? I don’t think so. You can never be a 100% sure of how good the tattoo artist is going to be until he is finished with your tattoo and getting Jesus tattooed is not a good idea because minor mistakes can prove to be disastrous and having Jesus drawn in a way that might not be suitable can be offensive. Such tattoos are far from being cool, not because they are religious but because they can go wrong from many perspectives. Even Jesus wouldn’t forgive a tattoo like that.




From Super Mario or Pacman to The Call of Duty or Counter Strike, no matter how big of a gamer you are of whichever game, it is not advisable to get a tattoo of a game console or a game itself. You have to live with that tattoo forever and pay a good amount of money for it. You can never be sure that you are going to love that game always, preferences over video games are bound to change and also a tattoo like that would not only look extremely stupid but also shows your maniacal obsession towards a fictional game. You like the game, play it. JUST play it.



We have spent all our childhood watching cartoons like Looney Tunes, Tom n Jerry, Powerpuff Girls etc. Every child loves watching cartoons and when we grow up we have memories of a childhood well spent with laughter that came from watching such cartoon shows. Getting a tattoo of your favorite cartoon character might sound like inscribing the good old childhood memories forever but they are better inscribed on your mind than on your body. Tattooed cartoons are not only disasters but also a childhood memory wrecker. Such tattoos are very commonly made mistakes that should not be repeated and hence be avoided as much as possible.



Usually this word means a homeless person or a vagabond, but these days the word tramp has developed a different meaning which describes a woman in not a very decent fashion. It is slang word to abuse a woman by calling her a prostitute. So, reading that anybody would understand that “Tramp Stamp” is NOT a trendy tattoo and having it  on your lower back is certainly not a good idea. It is vulgar, insulting and cheap. It shows yourself in a very poor light where people believe that you wish to advertise yourself as a tramp. Such a tattoo is far from being sensible and will do but create a very poor impression. Unfortunately, it is mistaken by many youngsters to be cool and the same youngsters regret getting such a tattoo when they grow up.



Bob Dylan, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris or Robert Downey Jr., we will all come to a conclusion that they are legendary actors but getting them tattooed is creepy. Any celebrity, from sports, films or television can look like cartoons when inked on your body. The facial details of that person can get totally messed up and the celebrity might turn out looking like a caricature. If you ever happen to come across that particular celebrity who you have inked on your body, that person is most likely to run away from you because if not anything, the celebrity will for sure be super creeped out with such a gesture. Such tattoos are very detailed and can easily become a medium of embarrassment in a crowd.



When we were kids, we used to draw things on our friends’ face to annoy them. It was for a reason that facial drawings would annoy or tick people off, this was because things drawn on a person’s face looks funny. A nose, two eyes and one mouth are detailing enough for a face, having different types of artistic changes made on a face with ink is bound to make you look stupid. The only reason for a person to get facial tattoos is if he/she does not ever want to be taken seriously in their life or never get any real job. Such tattoos are extremely risky and look awful when gone wrong (they hardly ever go right). It is next to impossible to concentrate on what that person is saying if there is something inked on their face which distracts all our attention. Face is a place where you cannot even hide your tattoos when you start to question them and they will remain there as a reminder of a mistake terribly gone wrong.



Every mother and every father loves their new born. Yes, it is true that babies look like the most adorable living beings that can ever exist and a bias love for ones own child is justifiable but getting your child’s photograph or face tattooed on yourself is a terrible mistake. Having your baby’s innocent features played with on your body with ink is not only cruel but also very immature. We will always have the photographs to capture their faces but baby faces as tattoos are a sentimental mistake and such mistakes should be kept as far away from us as possible. Remember this, when you baby grows up, he/she is NOT going to be proud of his parents having his/her childhood face on their arm or back. Its embarrassing for the child when he grows up and will be embarrassing for you when you grow old.



Having a tattoo as a quote or lyrics from your favorite song can go extremely wrong if the quote is misspelled or has grammatical errors. Such written tattoos should be avoided because grammatical errors are a very common phenomena and when such a tattoo is done, you have to carry that mistake on your body and live with it for the rest of your life or pay a huge amount to get the spelling of a word corrected on your body. Bad grammar is a big turn off a nd something like a tattoo with such errors in it can be a medium of extreme embarrassment. Yes, it is possible to get the material you plan on getting tattooed checked a hundred times before actually inking it onto your body but IF it so happens that such a grammatical mistake is made in a tattoo, it will turn out to be your worst nightmare. It is best to avoid such tattoos on the whole that might cause any such error in the future. When your teacher will not mark you for a grammatically wrong answer, your friends will surely not let you live a peaceful life with a permanent “fail” inscribed on your body that is irreversible.



“God is great!” “I love you, mom” “Life is beautiful” “Tit for tat”… Such tattoos are just plain disappointment. EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS. It is not a good idea to get such tattoos done that are so obvious that it is considered stupid for you to even say it out loud. For instance, many people live in oblivion that getting their parents name tattooed is showing them respect then I’m afraid to say so, but it is NOT! You don’t tell your mother that you love her everyday, so if you want to say it to her it is better to just say it to her. She would like that much better than you going under a painful procedure of getting yourself inked. It is far from being sensible and a very reckless tattoo. Such tattoos exhibit extreme idiocy and nonsensical attitude.



The worst of all tattoo options is getting he name of your girlfriend/wife’s or boyfriend/husband’s name tattooed or a sentence about how much you love them. This is by far the most commonly inked item and the most dangerous and stupid decision anybody can make. An interesting fact is that almost everyone who gets such tattoos regret them sooner or later. The reason for this is that you cannot be certain of what lies ahead in the future and if you ever happen to break up with your partner, the tattoo will be a constant reminder of that person missing from your life or being betrayed/dumped by that person. The emotional pain of the break up is not all you will have to bear, but also going through a lot of physical pain to remove the name of that person, to top it all you will have to go through a lot of financial pain too. Moreover, when you get into another relationship, your new partner is not going to like the name of another person tattooed on your body.

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