10 Reasons why Life on Mars would Never be Possible

Apart from earth there are 8 other planets but we have yet not discovered life on those planets, we have found traces of water and some other elements but not the exact life. There are many things which are required by a human to stay alive, food, water and oxygen being the most basic things. It’s not just that we only have 8 other planets but we have hundreds and thousands of other solar systems in the Milky Way and every solar system has many planets but there is no life present on them.

God has made life possible only on earth due to certain reasons. We can never guess what God’s reasons are but we can make few assumptions. Humans need one thing in life which is very important; it is the inspiration, the motivation to move forward, and the quest to discover. There are so many things which give us inspiration in life, but the ultimate source of inspiration is nature. The stars, moon and the sun; the things which are far distinct from us, we cannot touch them but we feel their presence, we can see them and they are the biggest source of inspiration in our life. When we see the sun rising up, we realize that there is brightness after every dark valley, seeing the sun we get HOPE that everything would be alright. When we see the moon , we understand that the darkness has its own beauty, we in our hearts want to touch the moon, it gives us as an ambition in life, and stars are just like our companions, the show us that we are never alone, they remain with us where ever we go. The flowing rivers show us that life never stops but it moves on. There are so many examples that we can never stop counting.

These are the things which we can never achieve, they were made only to provide us with inspiration in life, God has made so many other planets so that we may discover them, we may try to make life possible there. It is due to this quest of human that today we have made such an advancement, that we have made impossible thing possible, the things which today we have were once only an idea, the laws which we have today were once only an imagination. Life on another planet is also an imagination, which may never come true because we have many valid reasons. On mars for instance life would never be possible due to following 10 reasons:

10. Bacteria found on mars are too small:


In 1984, a meteorite was found in the continent of Antarctica. This meteorite is said to have landed from the planet mars nearly 12,000 years ago. The bacteria (ALH84001) which were discovered from this fossil were tested by the scientist from NASA Johnson space centre, since the meteorite is 12,000 years olds therefore most of the evidence were lost. The bacteria which were found from that fossil were 1000 times smaller than the bacteria usually found on earth; furthermore it was found that these bacteria can be created without of life so they gave no validation of the presence of life on mars.

9. Seasons are of longer duration:


The planet mars is very much similar to earth in few things, such as the cycle of day and night is same as that of earth, the duration is exactly the same. The axial tilt of mars is same as earth’s, due to which mars experiences the same four seasons as earth. But the only difference is that duration of the season will be doubled, if winter expands over a period of three months on earth then on mars they would be of 6 months.

8. Spaceships sent to mars are lost:


Proper researches regarding the phenomenon of life on mars were started in the 18th century, since then plenty of satellites has be sent to mars, among those plenty of satellites there were some satellites which never returned. During the years 1996 – 2005, 5 satellites were sent on mars, out of which 2 never returned. This signifies that there was something unusual on mars, something not very good happened, mars is not a secure neighborhood.

7. Many scientists reject the idea:


Many of NASA scientists have been working on this phenomenon; there are people who have dedicated their entire lives in this quest. Many spaceships have been sent to mars in order to find out traces of water, organic material and symptoms of life on mars yet after so many years no one has become able to give any kind of confirmation of life. There are many scientists who have come to the conclusion that life is not possible on mars.

6. No organic elements on mars:


In 1970 an experiment was held on mars named as “Viking experiment”, the main objective of this experiment was to find out traces of organic material on mars. For that mass spectrometer and gas chromatograph were designed to identify organic material, but no such materials were found at the end of the experiment.

5. Past life:


The scientist have come to one conclusion that it is possible that there was some sort of past life on mars, water is found to have flown on the surface of mars in the past years, the ph of that water was completely neutral, neither acidic nor basic. Before life existed on earth nearly 2.5 billion years ago, both the planets were on same stage, but due the abundance of volcanoes on earth, the water kept on increasing whereas on mars the cycle of water came to an end.

4. Frozen water:


All the water of the past life is said to have frozen at the surface of mars. In 2004, mars express orbit detected huge reservoir of water ice on the southern hemisphere of mars. In 2005 some scientist claimed that they have observed flowing water on the surface of mars in a picture, but no veracity of the event was confirmed,  later the scientist stated that the phenomenon seen on the picture could also have been formed by the flowing particles.

3. Scientific research:


NASA has spent infinite amount of money on the researches, if there was any chance of life on mars then it would have been discovered by now. No fruit full results have yet come out, scientist often claim that life can be possible on mars but it is not a piece of cake. When we say life, we do not mean another race of human or some alien incarnation but we refer to the organic elements and bacteria which are a form of life too. No such result has been found since the 18th century.

2. Low atmospheric pressure:


The atmospheric pressure on mars is very low as compared to that of earth. The atmospheric pressure of mars is 0.6 kpa, while that of earth is 101.3 kpa. The fact which arises here is that water cannot be discovered on mars because it cannot exist in liquid form at such low pressure. The water if somehow comes out of blue, when too it would only be able to exist for a very short time because of the low pressure.

1. No magnetic field:


Planets and stars are constantly emitting heavy particle and radiations, other planets become the victim these radiation but earth remains protected due to the presence of ozone layer.  No such phenomenon as ozone layer is present on mars, there is no global magnetic field therefore life on mars is very dangerous. The cosmic rays and solar radiation are continuously dropping on mars surface, these rays are such severe that they can penetrate 7.5 m below the earth’s surface. These rays are extremely harmful for humans; if life ever exists on mars then it would be under the constant threat.

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