Top 10 Interesting Facts about Japan

Located off the Korean and the Russian peninsula, Japan is considered to be one of the superpower countries in the world today. Japan has surely come a long way, right from being involved in the World Wars and Cold Wars to emerging as one of the fastest developing nations across the globe, Japan is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced countries. Extremely rich in culture, tradition and technological edge, Japan is claimed to be one of the top 10 best countries to live in. A person who starts living in Japan would find it very difficult to adjust in any other part of the world; such is the magic and comfort of this huge country. But hardly people know much about this country, as this nation has a large number of interesting facts revolving around it. …

A large and a huge country with more than 7000 large and small islands, the population and the crowd of this country would totally surprise you as this country has begun to have a mixed culture of people and fashion. Here are some facts which would take you aback and probably make you appreciate Japan as a country even more.
10. The Unemployment Rate in Japan is less than 4%

The population of the country being not so small as it is still counted in the top 10 most populated countries, the unemployment rate is probably one of the lowest standing at just 4% or probably even lesser than that. Because of its high development and technological advances, employment opportunities have grown to a vast extent with the population of the country being constant and stable. So people get the chance to work and seek for more employment growth, which in turn reduces the unemployment and poverty rate in the country.
9. Japan has almost 200 Volcanoes and 70% of its Geography covered with Mountains


Not only technologically and culturally, but even geographically the country Japan seems to very interesting and different because nowhere else will you find a land or a country with so vast and huge number of large and small islands, volcanoes and mountains. The presence of these islands and mountains bring about a lot of aesthetic and scenic beauty to this country, thus adding up to its rich culture and tradition and also people.
8. The life Expectancy of People living in Japan is 10 years More than that of Other Countries


The average life expectancy for both males and females is said to be about 82 years old, meaning an average individual in Japan lives for at least more than 82 years, such is the health of the people in Japan. A surprising thing about Japan is that unlike other countries where the life expectancy of females is lesser than the males, it is the other way round here where females are expected to live for more than 85 years and males live for an average of 79 years. Okinawa, a small island of Japan is even claimed and considered to have individual and old citizens who are alive even after completing a 100 years of their life.
7. The Literacy rate in Japan is almost Nil


It is said that Japan has come a long way and emerged as one of the strongest and most powerful nations only because of its efforts to create huge and strong manpower in their country, which was only possible by imparting more educational facilities and human resource management. Japan invests the most of its government expense into education, thus giving them favourable results of almost a 100 per cent literate population, and it is the only one country where you would find the most number of literate and educated people, with jobs in their hands and also a healthy lifestyle.
6. A Person is Never Addressed by his first name in Japan


You always use the surname of the person in case you want to call him or address him for whatever reason. The most surprising part being that apart from formal addressees, people are addressed by their surnames even at a very informal level. The main idea or taboo behind this is that in Japan people call each other by their surnames out of respect. A lot of times, if you go to some very conventional and traditional areas of Japan or in case you have a conversation with the elderly people and you happen to address a person by his first name instead of his last name, you might sure be in trouble for causing inconvenience as some people consider it very rude and offending.
5. Tokyo, the capital of Japan is the Second Most Expensive City in the World


That surely comes as a surprise as Japan is the only country which imports water as well! That explains the whole new definition of expensive-ness because this country lives a lot on imports and deals with importing of almost every type of goods and resources. Tokyo will engulf you into a huge range of prices for almost everything you could lay your hands on, and also not to forget the crowded and populated streets of this city, which will keep you amazed and turn you into a person thinking about money all the time!
4. Japan produces some of the most number of Horror Films and probably some of the Best all across the World


Apart from the usual and normal romantic cliché movies and action and comedy flicks, Japan produces horror movies more than any other country in the world. Some of their best horror genre movies could be seen as The Ring, The Grudge, One missed Call and many more. Thought the Japanese version of the horror movies tend to be scarier, yet there are a large number of Japanese horror movie which have been translated into English and other foreign languages, for their skill and talent which goes into making some of the best horror movies of the world.
3. The most Popular and loved Entrée dish in Japan is surprisingly not Raw Fish but Raw Horse Meat


Yes, Japanese are very fond of consuming raw horse meat and the dish so called is the Basashi. Basashi are thin sliced pieced of horse meat, which are neither baked nor cooked but eaten raw by the people of this country. Raw horse meat is also packaged and exported to different parts of the world, especially the western countries. It is claimed and considered to be an impeccable delicacy there, also because the Japanese consider raw horse meat to have a lot of benefits when it comes to health, and they also believe that raw horse meat is surely edible for people if it is cleaned properly and served in a proper hygienic manner.
2. Raised Floors and Staircases in Japan is an Indication of Removing your Slippers or shoes while Entering


Yes, that is true especially when it comes to Japan because people there are very conservative with proper and homely manners. For example, if you enter a house in Japan and notice if the floor of the entrance is raised by about an average of 6 inches, it is basically and definitely a signal to take off your shoes and put on your slippers while entering, and you need to do so without the other person actually telling you, or it might lead to a serious offence of the other individual’s sentiments. Also, at time, houses might use traditional Japanese mats or carpets and you will usually find the floor raised at about 2-3 inches in such as case, which would mean that you need to take off your slippers.
1. Japan’s Vending Machines can give you almost Anything and Everything

Right from toys, umbrellas, edible foods, grocery items, or even alcoholic drinks like beer, you will find just about anything in the vending machines of Japan. You will probably find a vending machine at almost every nook and corner of the city, or maybe at almost every square mile, due to which Japan is known to have the most and highest number of vending machines the world. So in case you get late someday and find shops and supermarkets shut around you in Japan, you just don’t need to worry because you know that Japan’s vending machines can solve your problem anytime and anyday.

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