Top 10 Most Painful Body Piercings

Piercings and tattoos have been on the rise in the world for over almost a decade now, and they get popularized more and more with each passing day and time. For some reason, not only the young crowd around but also people belonging to different age group have been found in indulging in activities such as body piercing and body arts like tattoo, and love to see themselves getting dazzled all the way. Though there could be many reasons behind taking such a pain in their bodies and getting places and parts of their body pierced with sharp needles, just to look different from their usual and normal pattern. Some do it just to be cool and fit in, and whereas some people do it because they feel taking all their pain in the bodies for a piercing would make them look prettier and sexier …

Whatever the reason might be, body piercings have surely come a long way and so much so that it is considered as a type of body art, along with body tattooing. So here are some of the most painful body piercings, starting from the least painful to the most painful, which could give you hell lot of a pain when you go through them, yet you might just find them to actually look good and hot on you.
10. Nose Piercing


Very commonly done again by people all across the globe, nose piercings do hurt a lot. One can get a piercing done either by poking the needle through the skin of one side of the nose, or poke the needle through the main cartilage in the middle of the nose and put a ring in it. Nose piercings do hurt but not much as the other extreme body piercings and also they are done pretty quickly without taking much of time. That is the reason they are preferred a lot among people. It is surely in the fashion now as you can pierce and dazzle your nose with any kind of stud or ring and match it your way.
9. Lip Piercing


Lip piercing is again one of the most common type of piercing done in men and women. It’s done the same way like the other types of piercings, where a needle is pierced through the two layers of your lips. The piercing can either be done on the upper lip or the lower lip and the needle is just poked through the side of either of the lips with a ring. Stud on lips are really not feasible and neither do they look attractive on people. Therefore, the rings are generally preferred, but because the skin around the lips is delicate consisting of very thin line nerves, lip piercing can cause you some immense pain for a short time, for probably a few countable months. But otherwise, lip piercing doesn’t really cause any long term effects or pain.
8. Ear Cartilage Piercing


Ear cartilage piercing is again a very common form of piercing among men as well as women, though this type of piercing is mostly and majorly seen in women and young girls. People have ear piercing , which is the lobe piercing and that is one of the most common, or rather completely common among people. Getting a piercing done on your ear lobe is no big deal, because there are no nerves present on the lobe so it hurts less except than hurting the muscle. Where, ear cartilages do have some really fragile and thin nerves which might hurt you a lot when you go to get your piercing done. Ear cartilage piercing can be very painful and the pain might also remain for months, so proper care and maintenance is required to handle ear cartilage piercings.
7. Multiple Tongue Spikes or Piercing


The multiple tongue piercing has been claimed to be looking really monstrous and frightening, but yes, people are found to be piercing the thick skin of their tongue, not with one piercing but with multiple piercings. The pain has been heard to be excruciatingly impactful, but then they are done just as a show off or just a thought that it would make their reputation go high and cool. People pierce the whole of their tongues with either stud or rings, and they are actually fund to be on the high rise among people, no matter the pain or the discomfort it causes while talking or eating.
6. Wolverine Claw Piercing


Again a very uncommon art of piercing, wolverine claws are mostly inspired by comic book heroes, where wolverine type looking claws are just directly pierced through your palm or fingers, in whatever way you like. These claws are available in a lot of shapes and sizes, varying from really small sized claws to really huge gigantic claws which are known as the wolverine claws. Very few people have undergone this type of piercing, mainly due to the reason that is extremely painful and people have suffered with a lot of skin and inner muscle problems with this type of piercing. Due to this reason, this type of piercing has been banned in many shops leading to its rarity among people.
5. Corset Piercing


In other words, Corset piercings are known as Surface piercings or Fetish piercings. They are mostly done temporarily as they are sewn and stitched to your body. they can basically be pierced onto any part of your body. the reason why they are done temporarily is that because of the high blood flow in some parts of the body such as the stomach or the back spine, the body doesn’t really accept the stitches pretty well and therefore they take a lot of time to heal, or might just not heal at all. They result in painful experiences, leading to the skin turning red and itchy around the piercing. Thus, they are done mostly temporarily, but aesthetically, they do up lift the look and persona of your body, and looks fun and really hip.
4. Head Spikes or Skull Piercing


This is one of the most uncommon piercing you would find people getting involved with because it looks scary and extremely painful, which maybe in the true sense it is. Spikes are place on the person’s head by obviously making piercing all over the head in order to place the spikes properly so that they don’t come off. They are placed like studs all over the head and just imagining tiny little pieces pierced on the top of your head skin might just make the thought of it go scary. It doesn’t really have any use and is pretty needless, because it doesn’t really have any aesthetic beauty hidden in it. People who do it basically do it as an experiment, but Head Spike is very painful for an individual, as it results in an itchy skin or irritation in the inner muscles of your head.
3. Gum Piercing


Gum piercings are again considered as one of the most painful, but an additional feature of gum piercings is that it is even considered useless and unnecessary for a person’s body. basically, poking a needle through your gum doesn’t make any sense neither to your body nor to the other people around you because gum piercing don’t give any kind of oral benefit, and neither can you take out your gum muscles and show off and brag about your gum piercing. Taking so much pain for these gum piercings proves to be totally not worth of a penny, yet people are seen getting done gum piercings, though it isn’t really popular among the masses.

2. Genital Piercing

The most painful experience that people have come across so far is by getting their genitals pierced. Genitals are one of our most sensitive and vital organs of our body, and yet people do get them pierced, and by people I do not mean a handful of them but a lot of them do get it pierced either for their interest or fantasies. Genital piercing can have a lot of effects either in pain or it might even cause infection to some individuals in case the piercing doesn’t suit their genital area. Therefore, a lot of places don’t prefer the art of genital piercing, and even if it is done, one should make sure that they don’t have a highly sensitive or highly reactive skin to take in all the pain and effect of a piercing.
1. Eyelid Piercing


The eyelid piercing is supposed to cause the most amounts of pain and comfort to an individual. Just imagine a slight dust or a small piece of metal going into your eye and we cannot stop ourselves from rubbing our eye all the time, leading to watery and red eyes. But yes, eyelid piercing is still done today by many people around the world, where a needle is literally poked through your eyelid in order to get the piercing done. It causes a huge amount of pain, and also might have chances of causing irritation to the eye for some people at times. So better be careful with this one!

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