Top 10 Ways to Get Through Tough Times

Life is the name of all the ups and downs that come our way while we are trying to understand and implement on what we think is right for us, life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. There is not a single person who hasn’t seen tough times in his lifetime. There is no sugar coating to it, it comes your way – it hits you and it hits you hard. Hardships are the main source of lessons in our lives and as we go along, these hardships bring out reactions from us which in turn gives motion to our life.

Life would become sort of boring without these hardships but the real dealing is in the hands of the person suffering with these tough times. They’re tough as hell but the good thing about them is that they pass. We are faced with only so much that we can take and when we have this in our minds, all such tough times would become easier to deal with than otherwise. Yes, it is true that we cannot judge the degree of someone else s hardships but spreading a positive vibe and being a moral support to that someone is not only a good gesture but also a call of humanity. So here are 10 ways to overcome and outrun the tough times without being a complete wreck.



It is true that you see people eating all varieties of junk food when they are going through a tough time. A girl eating mouthful of ice cream after her break up is a classic example that we see on the television and to an extent we even feel that way when we are faced with hardships. We eat junk food or we just don’t eat at all. STOP THAT! Eating and living healthy is very important, especially when you are faced with trouble because it relaxes your body, energizes it and releases all types of toxins from your body. Having a lot of junk is going to make you feel even more tensed and depressed and not eating at all will just give you high hospital bills because of the weakness you are going to suffer.



“Fear, fear is something we cannot control. Fear, fear is something we do unconsciously. While we cannot control our fear, we can certainly banish it. By embracing it head on. Until that, that fear is yet to be defeated. Yet to be defeated…” – Alex Cole. Falling down is a part of the game. It is very essential for us to embrace our fears because only then will it loosen its hold on you. If you are not scared of fear, then it stops being a fear itself. If batman can use his fear of bats to his advantage, SO CAN WE! The first and the most important step towards embracing your fear is its acknowledgment. Knowing what you fear and accepting it is the first act of bravery that will weaken the grip of fear. Tough times have their base built with fear and once you overcome it, you are weakening the foundation of those tough times and you will know that it won’t be long until these times fall.



Having to go through tough times because of doing something that you always wanted to do? Don’t give up because it is okay. Not only should you consider yourself lucky that you had the chance to do something you desired truly but also because you are among those very few people who know what they really want. Most people are lost in oblivion and have no clue about what they desire. Establishing the fact that you know what you want and that you are ready to strive for it is itself a very brave move. Yes, falling down hurts but not as much as the regret would have hurt when in your old age you would look back and see that you were a coward to have not followed your heart. Of course this doesn’t mean that doing anything reckless in the name of following your heart is acceptable. Following your heart is just another name to fulfilling your dreams and passions.



Working to be optimistic does not comprehend to ignoring the tough times of life. It means only to focus and concentrate on the positive as much as possible, and it gets easier with practice. Knowing that no matter what happens, it is not the end of the world is a start to positive thinking. Picking out the good that has happened to you during that phase and cherishing those moments rather than crying over the bad ones is positivity. Looking at the positive side of a negative situation may sound corny, but it can really prove to be of great advantage. To recognize your silver lining, ask yourself questions like what you have achieved in the past? Have you developed new skills? etc. Look at the brighter side and know that every problem you are faced with came with a vital lesson that you got a chance to learn with a first hand experience.



When we see that there are people suffering from much greater problems than that of our and we lend them a helping hand, we participate in their recovery which gives us peace of mind and helps us recognize and appreciate what we posses. Helping others helps the helper. It keeps our minds off ourselves and our losses, and it recreates support systems and relationships that we cherish. Anyone can do this, and it really makes a difference. We learn a lot from this and always value life the way it is. Life is very precious and helping someone else’s life become better is not only noble but also a selfless act that brings advantages to you too.



An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. It is not advisable to spend time all by yourself while you question yourself and conceive pessimistic thoughts. Keeping yourself involved in things that you would enjoy doing like your favorite sport or any such thing would get your mind off of the troubles you are facing. When you are busy, you don’t have spare time to ponder over the bad memories, instead you are utilizing the same energy doing something productive. Keeping yourself busy with the house chores or your job is also a good idea as that will divert your attention from the recurring thoughts of your inner turmoil. Sometimes, thinking about all the negative things in your life can drag you over. I’m not saying stop worrying, I’m saying let go of it for a few days and get involved in things you would otherwise like to do. Make time for yourself, learn new things that will keep your mind from thinking.



Retain all your faith in getting through these times. If you believe in it then anything is possible. A man is born believing, there are always going to hard times and no matter how bad hey get, it is important to have the faith that times will change and change for good. Believing is considered to be half the cure. A person with faith is a strong person and it is going to be a hell of a job to break such a person down because no matter how bad the time gets, that person will have the strength to fight his way through it. “Be believing, be happy, don’t get discouraged. Things will work out.” ― Gordon B. Hinckley.



Give it time. It would be wrong to tell you that everything will end within the blink of an eye because it will take some effort and patience from you to get over. Tough times come with an intention to teach you the value of patience and struggling to achieve that bright morning which WILL come. Work hard at being patient because no matter who you are, you’re going to get hurt in your life and you have to be patient to get through the wounds. You know it will pass because tough times don’t last forever, but tough people do.



You are not the only one! Remember this. Tough times come and go, its a cycle of life and at present in the world, there will be thousands of other people who are going through the same degree of hardships or maybe even more. Remember that you are not alone and that you are not responsible for what happened to you. People are faced with problems all the time and victimizing yourself is never the solution. Think of all the worse things that could have happened to you but did not. It is important for us to realize that we are not alone and that we have a lot of people who support us and care for us. Listen to your inner spirit and know that you are brave and will get through this sooner than you can imagine. Once you learn to change your thought, you can change your world.



It is necessary to let go of the overwhelmed emotions in us. If you feel like crying, don’t stop yourself, but remember that when you cry, do it to let go of it. Cry out to release the compressed emotions inside of you. Cry to do it once and for all. Cry so that you are free from any malice or sadness that the even could have caused. Cry to never cry again. Writing down you feelings is also a good method to release the tension. Write everything you feel and you will see that it will make a great deal of difference as you will start feeling lighter. Have a friend listen to whatever you want to say, you don’t need any kind of suggestions to your problems, just letting it out should be your motive because that is the major step towards ridding yourself off the burden of your troubles.

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