Top Secrets To Boost Alexa Rank !


I started blogging journey seriously after mid of April. At that time, my blog’s alexa rank was 7 million globally. Now it attained top 1 Lac rank within 3 months. The rank is below 87K as of today.

Well, we bloggers always want to boost Alexa rank. I don’t know whether you do it or not but, it is my habit to check Alexa rank after every two or three days. In fact, many times we are more concern about Alexa rank than Google pagerank”.
Why it is so important? Because-
1. Many advertisers prefer global and local Alexa rank before act on approval.
2. It shows the popularity of blog.
Now big question is how to boost Alexa Rank?

We all know its importance and want to improve the rank of our blog. I have seen many blogger who suggest repeated tips and tricks. These types of  tips generally not work our out-dated. There are some hidden facts behind rapid increment in Alexa rank. I will tell you those unknown aspects here.
When i was on blogger platform, i wasted my time in searching tricks and tips to boost alexa rank. But when switched to WordPress, i knew few surprising facts!
Here is compiled list of some top secrets to boost alexa rank.Have a look:
WordPress is a big secret

This is biggest hidden secret behind day night increasing Alexa rank. If your blog is on self-hosted wordpress blog then you are gaining natural benefit of owning it. I am saying this on basis of real experiment.
You can compare two niche blog, one being on blogger and another on wordpress platform. Even if blogger hosted blog have more traffic but, wordpress blog will have better alexa rank. I am also talking about blogger blog that is using redirect option. (Blog that redirects from blogspot blog to top level domain).
Blogspot blogger who want to test my fact may give it a try. Just purchase a cheap domain and host it on free wordpress web-host .You will get your answer.
I firmly believe that wordpress blog performs better than any other CMS blogging system. For an example, one of my friends has a blogspot blog (with TLD redirect) which gets 700 unique visitors daily with 1500-1800 page view. This blog is 6 months old having 400K alexa rank. Now compare it with my blog Tricksoverflow which have 300 daily unique visitors and 500 pageviews having 86K alexa rank. Just tell me who is doing better?
I am not endorsing WordPress but facts remain facts. Actually wordpress consider traffic, backlinks and keyword search frequency to determine rank of any blog or website.
Recent study and research reveal that wordpress blogs get more hit from different auto bots like comments bots, form filler bots, registration bots or anonymous login attack. So this could be a possible reason.
Domain name having highly competitive keyword

Yes, this is one point which attracted my attention. Every domain name which has one or two keywords in its name has a high chance to boost alexa rank automatically. Here the competition of that keyword is also a matter of fact. If that keyword is highly competitive and appearing so many times in search result than its chance are better.This type of domain gain good rank without any effort.

My blog have “tricks” keyword in it. So i am getting obvious profit of having it. Let’s take another example. I recently purchased a domain This domain is just a blank site. I didn’t set up blog on it neither claimed on Alexa but i am surprised that its alexa rank is 7 million (71 lac) dated on 10 july 2013. Check updated rank from .
Alexa toolbar

I have installed alexa toolbar in chrome browser and think it could be a reason behind better Alexa rank. When we visit any site or blog using browser that have alexa toolbar then alexa rank is processed during every visit. It sends a clear signal of popularity to Alexa.
This also happen with my blog when i login to wordpress dashboard. Thus i am getting natural benefits.

Over to You:
I tried to reveal some hidden facts to boost alexa rank. Yes, these tips are only helpful while setting new blog. If your blog is already in the field then traffic and backlinks are only methods to improve rank. There is no trick! So concentrate more on building an authority blog and write content that offer value to your reader. You will get traffic and backlinks automatically and finally a better Alexa rank too.
You may already know above secrets. Did I miss something? Please share with us. Comments are invited.

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