Why Next Google PageRank Update is Still in Waiting Mode?


Every webmaster and blogger is eagerly waiting for next Google Pagerank Update.Many people are asking when will be the next pagerank update? So i think it will be helpful to write something on this topic .I will try to clear some doubt.OK, We have seen past trend of PR update and we can say that pagerank update is rolled out once in three months or 4 times in a year. First update of 2013 was confirmed on February 4. If we take previous PR trends into account, the next pagerank should have released in first or second week of May.

But it is already June and we don’t see any sign of PR update. Here are possible reasons for delay:

1. It has also been noticed that Google sometime took 4 to 5 months. So we expect update in June or July.
2. Google was busy in updating Search Algorithms known as penguin 2 v.4 . Webspam team’s head Matt Cutts confirmed it on 22nd May.
3. I read somewhere on internet that Google will skip PR update this year .One reason behind this argue is to reduce the web spam. It is assumed that many webmaster analyse the changes made after update. They find out some loophole and tweak their site or blog. If release is delayed, they have to wait to see the results. Webmasters who are really involved in building quality website / blog will not worry. They will work only for betterment of their site. Thus people who work just for PR gain may be pushed behind in SERP. This will give direct benefit to quality holders and will prevent spam.

Google is working hard to reduce the spam from internet. In order to clean the web, it is possible to see some sudden changes. Google is making hard the prediction.
What should you do if PageRank is not released this year?

Our dependency on Google is up to 70-80 % for every task. Be it Business Promotion or Internet marketing or making money. In recent years, use of internet is increased many folds. But new challenges are also increased in same proportion. Google is on mission to provide the maximum quality in search results. So here are few suggestion to make your blog secure from upcoming “shocks”:

Write useful, fresh informative and quality content for your blog. Don’t compromise with quality.
Always practice White Hat SEO techniques.
Don’t rely much on Google. Make a strong social media community. Try to build loyal readership. Thus any rank fluctuation will not harm your blog.
Many of us are busy in building quality back link using Anchor text to improve rank but fact is that soon it will be out dated. Prepare yourself new SEO techniques.
Always read my blog. 😉

What should you do if PR update happens next month?

There is no confirmation from Google when update will be rolled out. We should always ready for it. Keep few points in mind:

If your blog’s rank goes up, carry on practicing smart seo techniques.
If your blog is hunted by negative rank then analyse it. List out mistakes you have done in past. Don’t use wrong methods to improve SEO.

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