Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in World

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in World

Royal palaces around the world are well-known for their brilliant appearance as they are usually featured with amazing architecture and a royal look. The rich culture of such place from the ancient times is also clearly portrayed in the royal palaces. These are/ were the residence of kings and queens and are considered the attractive monument of the respective countries. Every corner of these palaces are known to be splendid and are known to be the most beautiful monuments in the whole wide world. Below mentioned are some information on the top 10 most beautiful royal palaces in the world. These buildings are world’s most attractive palaces of the world. A visit to such royal palaces would indeed be a divine experience.

10. Pena National Palace


This is known to be a Romanticist palace that is found in Portugal and was built in the year 1842 by the superior King Ferdinand II. The earthquake in Great Lisbon that was caused in the year 1755, led to ruins of a monastery. Pena National Palace is known to be constructed in this place. With the beautiful red and yellow colors being restored, this palace is known to be one of the prestigious monuments of Portugal.

9. Mysore Palace


Mysore is a city that is located in the southern part of India. Mysore has received great recognition because of the Amba Vilas palace located here, which is commonly known as Mysore Palace. It is known to be the allowed residence of the superior Wodeyars. The architecture of this place perfectly represents the culture of the State of Karnataka. Apart from this superb palace, Mysore is well known for various other places, due to which, it is greatly visited by numerous tourists throughout the year.

8. Schonbrunn Palace


This luxurious palace is located in Vienna and since the year 1960, this has been a wonderful and major tourist destination of this place. It was initially known to be a Rococo summer residence with 1441 rooms. This palace was built between the years 1696 and 1712 during the time of Emperor Leopold I. You can also find a palace park here, wherein a lot of beautiful attractions can be found like Privy Garden, a maze and Gloriette, which is a marble summerhouse.

7. Summer Palace


This is a stunning palace that is located in Beijing, China. This palace is known to be dominated by Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill. The area of this palace is spread over 2.9 square kilometers and the three quarters of the same is water. It was known to be a summer residence of the royal rulers of China.

6. Palace of Versailles


This is known to be a royal estate at Versailles that is located in France. This was actually known to be a hunting lodge that was built in the year 1624 by Louis XIII. During the time of construction of this monument, the city was only a country village and now, it is known to be richest place of Paris.

5. Chateau de Chambord


This is known to be located in France and is a renowned palace in the whole world. This stunning palace was built by the King Francois I. The architecture of the French Renaissance is clearly depicted here. This amazing palace is famous for its poor defense but it has beautiful gardens. Its greenery makes it 5th most attractive building that was build for royal family.

4. Buckingham Palace


This palace is known to be the official London home and also the main workplace of the British king. It is set up in the city of Westminster and is known to be a perfect place for royal warmth. The history of the royal kings and queens of this place has been in great news since ages. It is still being used in UK and most of the people think that it is one of the most beautiful places of the world.

3. Alhambra


This is a beautiful palace that is situated in Granada in Spain. Initially it was known to be a castle during 889. It was later converted to a royal palace in the year 1333, during the time of Yusuf I, who was the Sultan of Granada. This is known to be a spectacular tourist destination of Spain and numerous people across the world visit Granada only to enjoy the view of Alhambara.

2. Potala Palace


This vivacious palace is found in Lhasa, China. It is located at a height of 130 meters above Lhasa valley and is known to be 170 meters tall. The original palace was built during the time of 7th century and the present palace was constructed by the year 1648. This palace was known to be the residence of Dalai Lama once upon a time. This historical building is world’s second most beautiful palace.

1. Forbidden City


This is a marvelous royal palace that was built during the time of 1406 to 1420. It was known to be the Chinese royal palace from the time of Ming dynasty till the time of Qing dynasty. This palace has now been turned into a museum and is located in Beijing, China. For more than 500 years, it was known to be a home of royal kings and was also known to be the political center of the Chinese Government. This palace is spread over an area of 720,000 Sq. meter. The old Chinese palatial architecture is depicted here.

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