Top 10 Best Basketball Players of 2014

Sportsmen cannot be judged over one tournament or series. It takes more than two to three series to be called the best or the worst. In basketball, the performance clearly depends upon the player’s fitness and if in those 4 to 5 hours they show their playing skills, they can make it to the ultimate positions in professional basketball. Professional basketball teams have so many superior players who have been in the best positions, but which one of them are physically fit to hit the basketball courts? Here, we are listing the top 10 best basketball players of 2014. The ranking of these basketball players is made on the basis of their performance in recent years. These players are known as celebrities of Basketball because of their popularity in the world.

10. Dwyane Wade


This 30 year old Miami Heat player has been the reason for the success of his team since 2006. In 2006, Sport Illustrated magazine named him sportsman of the year and after that, he won numerous titles and tournaments. His incredible average scores are enough to prove his existence in the top 10 basketball players. There is no comment against his talent because he is the most talented Basketball player of the recent time.

9. Derrick Rose


This natural player is always a backbone for Chicago Bulls. He is one of the best players in their team. He is a multi-tasker and he can play at various positions like attack, at guide and even at assisting positions. Right from the beginning of his career, he set many records that include five on five goals. He is known for unpredictable moves and techniques.

8. Wardell Stephen Curry


This Golden State Warriors player is only 25 years old and at this age he has achieved a respective and special place in the team. This 6.3 ft. player is famous for his guiding techniques and shooting methods. He is the only Golden State player who won the Southern Conference title for player of the year twice. In the year 2013, he set another record by pointing three goals in a consecutive seasons.

7. Chris Paul


What can we say about this Los Angeles Clipper? His records are enough to explain his performance. After John Stockton, he is the only player who has achieved superior per game averages. He achieved nine points in assisting, 15 in goals and two in stealing. The thing that is famous about this player is that every time he is in the basketball court, he plays to set new records.

6. Anthony Davis


This naturally blessed player has started playing professional basket at a very young age and all thanks to his enhanced physique. He is just 20 years old and at this age itself, he has got numerous awards that include Big Man Award, Defensive Player Award and National Freshman Award. His technique while playing center or power forward is different from traditional players. In short, he is the 21st century’s player.

5. Kevin Durant


If there is anyone who can terrify his rival without scoring is Kevin Durant. He has achieved that position in professional basketball that even if he cannot goal a single point he can still engage 3-4 players at a time. In his career, he has shot 90% free throws, 40% three pointers and 50% free goals. Quite honestly, his second name is terror because he is the most dangerous Basketball player of 2014.

4. Blake Griffin


This 25 year old is trained by his father, Tommy Griffin who was a professional coach. In 2009, he entered the NBA and since then he is doing wonders in basketball court. Due to his shooting and stealing skills, he won Rookie of the year award in 2011. Furthermore, he found a respectful spot in top 15 basketball rookies of all times by Sports Illustrated magazine.

3. Russell Westbrook


This 24 year old has been a match winner for Oklahoma City Thunder since their collaboration in 2008. After Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, he is the only player since 1994 who scored an average of 5 points in rebound, 7 points in assist and 23 points in goal. His techniques are not just famous, but they are more like some Hollywood movies that cannot be enjoyed on radio. He is a stylish player and so is his playing style.

2. LeBron James


This 6.6 ft player has great fan following along with huge number of haters. To this date, this Miami Heat player has won almost 90% tournaments with his power forward and small forward positions. His latest average scores are 9 rebounds and 30 hit points. Furthermore, he won remarkable recognition like 2 Olympic gold medals, 2 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player awards, NBA Championship, etc. Till date, he is the only basketball player who has got so much love and respect like a celebrity.

1. Kobe Bryant


Despite being 35 years old, he is not like burden for his team, but conversely he is playing successfully. Kobe is playing since he was 18 and ten years ago his per game average was 35.4, which is now 28. But still, he is going strong and reliable. He got experienced with the age and with experience, he has improved his techniques. He is one of those players who can create new techniques according to circumstances. Kobe Bryant is not just the most popular Basketball player of the world but also the best Basketball player of 2014.

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